A month back I set out on a goal of restarting writing JavaScript.  I am still hanging in there learning more.  The first  application that came out of this goal chain is up and running without any bugs – actively used by around 120 users from around the world (as of yesterday).  A few loans have trickled out through my application, through Kiva into different parts of the world – not counting the 14 high quality loans I identified using the same.  There are a few feature requests as well as shout outs with offers of help with coding.  Healthy signs and I am very proud of what I could learn and accomplish in this time.

The however code is bulging!  While server side code is very organized, the single page client side application is already pushing 1000 lines.  It is not good.  So I am going to pull a code cleanup sprint to refactor the client part into Jade templates.  Jade is a great template engine that takes away verbosity of HTML.   This will also help me logically split the application into different files while keeping the overall theme of single page application intact.  Something more to learn this week then!  Nice!

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