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Many a times engineers run into a complex issue of delivering acceptable user experience over varying network speeds. You tube is a great example of this use case. It measures available bandwidth and adjusts its video resolution. This it does automatically using its flash plugin. Unfortunately flash is a luxury many web engineers do not Read More →

This week Kiva Engineering team did a beta release of its protected API set. Through these APIs applications can fetch more in depth information about a specific lender. This ability in turn will help consuming applications present more accurate and meaningful analysis. Coincidentally this was exactly the API set I was waiting for. On my KivaSearch tool Read More → Today let us talk about blasphemy. Direct data inserts into databases, listening for messages on message queues, Streaming data between random sockets over custom protocols. None of this is blasphemy. However coded in an HTML page and run on a browser it is nothing less than the demonstration of darkest of dark arts. And Read More → Currently Hosted @ Kiva Search on Amazon Cloud Just finished writing my full blown JavaScript search tool for Kiva and I was too excited to keep it a secret anymore .  I have been an involved kiva lender for many years now.  For the last couple of years I have been using the Read More →