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Source code discussed in this post can be freely downloaded and used in whatever way or form you want.  SVN URL is, svn checkout parallelly-read-only I put together couple of classes to ease testing pieces of code under concurrency load.  It is generic enough and accommodates a certain level of flexibility.  It is reusable for your specific purpose Read More →

I have used Apache Lucene for providing an intelligent intuitive search for my products many times over.  Well that was till yesterday! No, I did not ditch Lucene.  But what threw a monkey in the wrench was the ‘intuitive’ nature of the product.  Let me explain. Say I have a string ‘abc-def’ to be indexed. Read More →

Some lessons are learnt the hard way.  A datamanagement library (abstracting Jackrabbit-JCR) I designed a few months back showed tremendous weakness while handling large concurrency.  My first instinct was to run for cover and make all access methods synchronized.  Since the framework was a spring managed setup (some keys beans were singleton), the synchronization short Read More →

I am a heavy user of test driven development and the practice has paid off very well over the last few years in two important fronts. A great reduction in bugs Absolute confidence while undertaking changes to existing code base A recent discussion at a team meeting prompted me to start thinking in an interesting Read More →