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Some lessons are learnt the hard way.  A datamanagement library (abstracting Jackrabbit-JCR) I designed a few months back showed tremendous weakness while handling large concurrency.  My first instinct was to run for cover and make all access methods synchronized.  Since the framework was a spring managed setup (some keys beans were singleton), the synchronization short Read More →

This weekend I took some baby steps in scala.  The [ultimate] target is to learn scala and to build a cool folder synchronizer in scala that will work fast and furious in keeping remote folders in synch. code svn checkout http://whiteboardjunkie.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/foldersync foldersync From what I understod so far, scala is an excellent language improvement over Read More →

I am a heavy user of test driven development and the practice has paid off very well over the last few years in two important fronts. A great reduction in bugs Absolute confidence while undertaking changes to existing code base A recent discussion at a team meeting prompted me to start thinking in an interesting Read More →

Session is the facade with which applications communicate with the underlying JCR repository. It is the application writer’s job to manage these session appropriately. Sessions are not thread safe and therefore it is advisable to use and discard a session as early as possible. I have created a utility class ‘RepositoryUtil’ to help manage my Read More →

My company has chosen JCR as the standard for data management. We make integrated digital pathology solutions. Our solutions, while packaged as easy to integrate enterprise products, are built around pathology images, their acquisition and analysis and providing an efficient platform for pathologists to collaborate. An appropriate abstract definition of a Bioimagene product will be, Read More →

JCR as a standard a.k.a. JSR 170 started evolving from February 2002. Day software contributed heavily to its development and by March 2005 a final version was out and thus came to existence JCR 1.0. The reference implementation is hosted by Apache foundation under the name Jackrabbit. JCR 1.0 defines a repository as follows: A Read More →

Say hello to Jackrabbit Source code available @ svn checkout https://whiteboardjunkie.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/jackrabbittutorial jackrabbittutorial I believe in show and tell. So here is an introductory post that shows you how simple it is to start using a powerful content management system called Jackrabbit using a JCP standardized API called JCR API. It is setup as a maven Read More →